Four-Day Mission


Fr. Arceneaux's parish missions include preaching at all weekend Masses and then offering a one-hour mission service each morning or evening for four days. The general theme focuses on relating fundamental aspects of Christian life to the real lives of ordinary parishioners.

The following is a brief description of a four-day mission:

First evening: God's Love

Second Evening: Seeing ourselves as God see us

Third Evening: Forgiveness and reconciliation

Fourth evening: Empowered to serve

If the parish wishes, a penance service can be included on the third evening, with extra priests available for individual confessions. The fourth evening can also include a Mass to close the Mission, with the presentation incorporated into a longer homily.

The mission may be shortened to three nights, with the topics for the first two nights combined into one. Fr. Arceneaux is also willing to take a morning parish Mass and offer a shortened version of the presentation for those who do not like to, or are unable to, get out in the evening. He is also willing to visit homebound parishioners during the days of the mission.

Fr. Arceneaux is willing to negotiate with parishes regarding specific topics and cost of the mission.